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Michael Walker — Thursday July 22, 2004

Surfing with the Linker-Aliens

Hello World


Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Walker and I'm a software developer here at Sun. I've been at Sun for over 15 years now (and I have the mantle clock to prove it :)). As I see it, that's about three lifetimes in the Valley.

I've primarily worked on the Linker and ELF related tools in Solaris for the last 10 of those years. If it has to do with the link-editor ( /usr/ccs/bin/ld) or the run-time linker ( ld.so.1) it's probably either my fault or my fellow Linker Alien Rod Evans.

Why am I posting a blog? Well, I often find it frustrating that I'm locked away in my office so far away from the developers who actually use the utilities I create. I'm hopeful that these blogs will give me a chance to more directly interact with others who are trying to use some of the things I work on - and better yet give me ideas on what to work on next.

I'll start by posting little snipits about Linker/ELF technology on this blog which I hope others will find interesting. As I answer questions on other channels and I find the answers interesting in general - I'll try and put some information about it here too.

Outside of the office I'm often busy chaising our two Yellow Labs around with my wife. When we get the chance we love to do things related to the Ocean, this includes both SCUBA diving and Sailing. If the above isn't enough to occupy my I can be found with my latest hobby which is radio controlled model airplanes - now there's a money pit :)



Surfing with the Linker-Aliens


Michael S. Walker — Friday August 06, 2004
Hey Mike! Friend of mine just sent me this link. Thought I'd say hi from one ocean loving MSW to another. Take Care. :Mike
Surfing with the Linker-Aliens

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Surfing with the Linker-Aliens

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