Avoiding LD_LIBRARY_PATH: The Options

Ali Bahrami — Friday November 02, 2007

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With the introduction of the elfedit utility into Solaris, we have a new answer to the age old question of how to avoid everyones favorite way to get into trouble, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. This seems like an appropriate time to revisit this topic.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH Seems Useful. What's the Problem?

The problem is that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a crude tool, and cannot be easily targeted at a problem program without also hitting other innocent programs. Sometimes this overspray is harmless (it costs some time, but doesn't break anything). Other times, it causes a program to link to the wrong version of something, and that program dies in mysterious ways.

Historically, inappropriate use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH might be the #1 one way to get yourself into trouble in an ELF environment. In particular, people who redistribute binaries with instructions for their users to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in their shell startup scripts are unleashing forces beyond their control. Experience tells us that such use is destined to end badly.

This subject has been written about many times by many people. My colleague Rod Evans wrote about this ( LD_LIBRARY_PATH - just say no) for one of his first blog entries.

If you need additional convincing on this point, here are some suggested Google searches you might want to try:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH darkest hell

If LD_LIBRARY_PATH is so bad, why does its use persist? Simply because it is the option of last resort, used when everything else has failed. We probably can't eliminate it, but we should strive to reduce its use to the bare minimum.

How to Use, and How To Avoid Using LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The best way to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH is interactively, as a short term aid for testing or development. A developer might use it to point his test program at an alternative version of a library. Beyond that, the less you use it, the better off you'll be. With that in mind, here is a list of ways to avoid LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The items are ordered from best to worst, with the best option right at the top:
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UX-admin — Saturday November 03, 2007

"If LD_LIBRARY_PATH is so bad, why does its use persist?"

The problem persists because very few people know how to compile and link binaries and .so libraries properly (i.e. through the front end driver, `cc`, with "-R/opt/abcd/lib" resp. "-R/opt/abcd/lib/64" set).

Linkers and libraries require very good understanding of the link editor, of the Executable and Linking Format (ELF) and of how the whole process works; this is some highly specialized knowledge, and most "developers" today don't have a clue about it. (I don't have a very high opinion of contemporary "developers", can you tell?)

I'm just so happy to have to recompile tons of binaries just so I can clean up somebody's else mess, and link the binary to have the correct link search paths hardcoded in.

Thankfully, `elfedit` should help a lot fixing these broken binaries. It should prove a highly useful tool. Any timelines as to when it will be backported to Solaris 10?

Ali Bahrami — Sunday November 04, 2007

There's no plan to backport elfedit to Solaris 10 at this moment, but that could change if there was enough pull. There are 2 issues: (1) There were lots of supporting changes, so this is a big move, and (2) The other linker changes that leave the extra room for runpaths would also need to be present, and the entire system rebuilt with that room. I appreciate how useful that would be though. We'll see what happens... Thanks!

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